The Pony Track is the route most people choose as it’s the most straightforward and best suited to those with limited hillwalking experience.  It take an average of 8 hours for the round trip and is achievable by most people  - enthusiasm, not high levels of fitness, is what is required.

Starting in Glen Nevis, the track winds its way up the lower slopes of the Ben to the Half-Way Lochan.  After crossing the Red Burn a series of zig-zags leads the walker to the summit plateau where, shortly afterwards, the summit is reached.  We normally spend around 20 minutes on the top, which is plenty of time to take some photographs, make a phone call or two, and have a bite to eat before starting downwards.

As the name would suggest, the track was originally built for ponies to carry supplies to the weather observatory on the summit which was manned continuously in the latter part of the 19th century.  The gradient, therefore, is fairly gentle and can be managed by most people.
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